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Slaughter the faithful Bloodbath of the holy Bludgeoned bowing heads Butchered on their knees Temples in ruin Prophets left headless Useless holy texts An offering of excrement Come total destruction upon plague of Jerusalem Fundamental annihilation All the slaves shall wail and tremble Their saviors crucified All of them to suffer, die and be forgotten Entombed forever in the burning sands Covet now an endless wasteland Scorched of all holiness Naught but smoking craters Monument of nothingness Insects and vermin Mongrels, filthy swine Every follower Endless corpses
The battle never ends To quell the tide of insanity The swells ever-rising Oceans of biped waste Ascension to superior Carving will as into flesh Annihilate the weak Littering our path As they clutch at nothing A lifeboat sinking fast Deceivers, hypocrites, the ignorant Their severed heads served on a plate Iron wills… iron fists Rising triumphant Furious determination Approaching victory Diabolic domination Iron wills amongst the cess Iron fists for pious weakness
Vermin, all of them Vile, pestilent Relentless devourment Devouring all Build to superstition Ancient evils burgeon From odious altar A pulpit of blades Deformed and dying Degenerated line Bloated and twisted Spewing shit and bile I come with cleansing I come with iron and fire Shambling horrors Appalling malformation Imminent corpses Rotting abomination I come with cleansing I come with iron and fire I come… the cleansing
Malevolent spirits have gotten inside Corrupting my deeds, poisoning my mind A call within, to be let out To drill open, trepanation I grind away at skin and skull One demon’s escape through a bleeding hole Six devils more still scream inside Each waiting their escape
Goatstorm 04:43
Bestial lust unleashed Deliverance of defilement The goat has risen again Furious penetrating flesh Blood rage at full strength Wreaking vengeance, yielding flesh Ritual of Lust – Sacrificial flesh Goatstorm – Arises once again Champions of heresy – Baptized in glory Goatstorm – Sin again in blasphemy Goatstorm – Sin of flesh Blood rage – Rise again Goatstorm – Penetration Baptized in the glory of Satan Outside the gates of paradise Another million souls are lost
Formless, unseen Sublime transmutation Profane, unbound Concealed, ancient science Vulgar rites, manifesting Luminous, purifying Wisdom of antiquity Arcane, immaculate Divine splendor fallacy Formless, unseen Sublime transmutation Exhumed, preserved Gift from the serpents Secret doctrine, initiates Divine splendor fallacy Necromantic possession Wisdom of antiquity Grandiose architects Ritual ceremony Wisdom of antiquity Celestial fecundation Divine splendor fallacy Exhumed, preserved Abstract gift from the serpents Profane, unbound Concealed, ancient science
Though the ships of death have sailed The curse has just begun An illness spreads insidious Swift you shall succumb Blisters oozing, skin turns black Proliferation of disease Punishment, highest-sent? Proliferation of disease Corpses heaped upon the carts Rotten with infection Hear the death toll passing by The evening’s funeral procession Blisters oozing, skin turns black Proliferation of disease Marked for death, just like the rest Proliferation of disease Crimson crosses mark the plague Praying to survive The dying and the living Together walled inside Few remaining witness Triumphant death
Apocalyptic times The endgame has begun Tens of millions watching For signs of the prophecy His footfalls growing closer He who will destroy Tens of millions mesmerized By the coming of the beast Dispensation End of times The enemy arising Preparing to take his place Tens of millions suffering Awaiting tribulation Rise of the Antichrist Miraculous deception Tens of millions perish Anguishing in desolation Tribulation Millions die No salvation – left behind Disbelievers to be punished Hallowed savior will not rise Persecution of mankind
Enslaver of the ages The madness of old enshrined A spell never broken A feast for the simpleton Searching for signs in the chaos Order in the eyes of the blind Enemy to wisdom Impervious beliefs Plague from the sands Never-ending cancer Denying the real – Age of ignorance Monstrous edifice built of delusion Age of ignorance Cowering in fear Of the crushing despair Wisdom in flames Silence the blasphemies Put them to death
DIABOLIC VOICES/ABOMINABLE BLASPHEMY Diabolic voices Speak now through the vessel Gateway now opened For the Lord of Flies I have possessed the body She is no longer here I will roast her little soul in Hell I am Legion I am All Your mother’s with us SUCKING COCKS IN HELL Abominable blasphemy Profaning your impotent lord Vomiting out your “christ” Fill the priest with torment So priest what of your power What of your faith Your words are empty Just as your prayers Torn from the exorcism bed Hurled across the room like a rag Your holy water boiling away Cross combusts in your trembling hands You will not save her You will not save yourself


In 2015 DRAWN AND QUARTERED recorded some pre-production demos. These were to be used to complete some of our song ideas from the last few years. Instead of re-recording the songs, we decided to present some of them as a Cassette Album, and use the rest for various splits and compilations. Now all 10 songs from the recording sessions are being made available.


released August 18, 2016

Kelly Shane Kuciemba-Guitars
Herb Burke-Bass, Vocals
Simon Dorfman-Drums
Thomas Westphal-Cover
Graphic design-Ray Miller


all rights reserved



DRAWN AND QUARTERED Seattle, Washington

Pacific Northwest Death Metal Stalwarts delivering disease and destruction upon the earth. Formed in the early 1990's DRAWN AND QUARTERED have continued on a relentless CRUSADE OF BLASPHEMY spreading it's malevolent PLAGUE worldwide! With 6 Studio Albums, multiple Demos and EP's and a GLOBAL CAMPAGIN OF SATANIC REVOLUTION DRAWN AND QUARTERED unleash a PROLIFERATION OF DISEASE upon the earth! ... more


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